Music: One Video, Too Much Ghanaian Creativity.

Yaa Pono: hands DOWN, one of Ghana’s best new and most charismatic rappers (from what is currently the one area generating the most heat in hiplife: Tema)?


Efya: the most naturally-gifted, equally-as-charismatic, sexy-assed singer singing her ass off in Ghana today?


Direction from King Luu, the director of ‘Coz Ov Moni‘ – one of Ghana’s best cinematic offerings of recent times?


(Said director making his crush on said singer a little too apparent.)


(Me sympathizing.)


Dope threads by the very dope Atsu?


Cameo appearance by the current holder of the crown, Sarkodie?


(Cameos so cameo’ed that I still can’t see where Wanlov & Macho Rapper are?)


Song produced by the (less-and-less) slept-on underground genius that is DJ Juls?


Artist from roster of Ghana’s most consciously African label, Pidgen Music?


(Pidgen music’s ‘love of the ladies’ on full display…)

(Check: besides the boys eyeing Efya down paa, Mr. Pono looked like he was ready to chop both the waakye and its seller. Sexual tension be what?)

A simple celebration of the creativity involved in simply living one’s morning hustle in Ghana today (complete with a selection of waakye or hausa kooko)?


Enjoy. God knows I did.

7 thoughts on “Music: One Video, Too Much Ghanaian Creativity.

  1. Graham Knight

    What’s nice is that Yaa Pono is not showing off with gold and big cars. Efya certainly has the international sound with her vocal quality. But what was the chest bouncing thing at the end?!

  2. Think

    I’m now a fan. A fan of the chewing-stick guy and the coco-sipping lady.
    I totally enjoyed the music and the visuals.

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds like Efya has been wandering through Lauryn’s Miseducated mind… I’m digging the singing + rapping combo….

  4. Felice

    didn’t know Yaa Pono is a guy! never heard of him though, oh wow! this video is really cool. Efya is a very talented singer, she’s like Lena Horne meets Lauryn Hill meets Erykah Badu meets India Arie…

  5. pol159

    Saw the vid this afternoon for the first on ghone. Didnt know it has been out for this long. How the f did I miss this post?

    Chest bouncing and included, it is a very good song. Very earthy, one word that kept coming to mind throughout the vid cuz of all the brown. Good thing is Efya is still part of us even though she crossed back over the fence to popular land.

  6. nas009

    The video’s made me like the song:) Liked the earthiness of the video and the fact that Efya was dressed very simply in a vest and sarong so her outfit at the end when she enters the trotro doesn’t work for me. But I’m guessing when the video continues, that outfit will become clear?

    DJ Juls produced this song? Massive big up to him.

    Oh and Efya’s chest bouncing thing at the end? So didn’t get it. Wholly unnecessary I thought

    And the waakye seller? She should have flirted back some. It was all one way.

    All in all, an 8/10 for me


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